Custom Colour

Go on, get creative!

Custom Colour Chart

Play with colour!

Colour me happy! So you’ve had a look at all of our designs but they aren’t in the colour you are after? Have no fear! Your choice just got larger. All our products and stationery items are available in over 100 different colour options. Get creative and modify our designs to make it truely your own.

Simply select the custom colour option on the product screen and nominate your colour from our palette when ordering your items. The custom colour charge is $15.00 per stationery type. That is, if you are ordering three items (i.e. invitations, rsvp cards, place cards), the charge would be $15.00 x 3 = $45.00. Alternatively, if you are ordering invitations only, the charge would be $15.00.

The colours shown in our colour chart are the only colours available with this service, we recommend ordering a printed colour chart with one of our sample packs prior to ordering so you can check your colour. Please note that colours viewed on digital displays such as computer screens and phones/tablets can vary to printed product.