stationery tips

stationery tips

Today i'm going to talk about wedding stationers. Let's be honest. There are a LOT of wedding stationers out there now. The choices are limitless. And overwhelming. The pricing varies a lot. So how do you choose one wedding stationer over another?

Design of course is a factor, but there's no point having a gorgeous design if it's printed on bad card stock, or a printer that leaves banding throughout your solid colour. If you're having trouble deciding, we highly recommend ordering a sample pack - this will give you a true indication on the quality of the invitations you are looking at.

So what makes Alannah Rose wedding invitations different from the rest of the crowd?

We've put together this little list to help - if you've still got questions, pop over to our Frequently Asked Questions section on the website, send us an email, or give us a call - we're only too happy to help.

The Alannah Rose Difference:

  • Our wedding invitations come in a range of sizes so you can choose which suits your budget! Our double sided, single sided and folding Wedding invitations are an impressive 145x145mm square and fit into a 150mm square envelope. We also have A6 size invitations which are 148.5 x 105mm and fit into a C6 envelope. Envelopes are supplied with all invitations.
  • After a different size? no problem, just email us and most times we are able to accommodate.
  • We print double sided - this means we print to both sides of the card, giving maximum impact to your guests when they open the envelope! For those on a budget, we also now have a single sided option for your wedding invitations.
  • We are flexible - we can change the colours, change the size, change the fonts, we are here to please. On a budget? Chat to us about discounts or ways to fit within it.
  • We print commercially - this means your invitations are printed on the highest quality commercial digital press - no home printers here!
  • We quality check every single piece - every piece of stationery is checked for imperfections before being packed and sent to you, you deserve nothing short of the best for your big day.
  • We can print on envelopes. Dread the thought of hand addressing all of your invitations or sticking labels on? Don't worry, we can print directly onto your envelopes now, with fonts to match your invitation.
  • We pack to perfection - our customers rave about our packaging, who doesn't like a gift in the mail?
  • We are proudly Australian Owned. All of our products are designed in Australia from our Melbourne Studio, and printed locally too.
  • We delivery Australia Wide, and internationally as well.
  • Still unsure? - order a sample pack, the cost is redeemable when you come back to place your order.

To view the full range of Alannah Rose Wedding Invitations, click here.

December 2, 2015
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When your wedding stationery is what starts the day and where the wedding begins, having a shot of your invitations and key styling pieces can add to the memories of the day. Too often we hear from disappointed brides who have no memories of their wedding stationery because it wasn't captured by their photographer on the day. Your stationery begins your story and ties the elements of your wedding together.

Make sure you have your full suite of stationery near your accessories on the day, so your photographer is able to grab your pieces and shoot them along side your bouquet or jewelery.

Let your photographer know if there are other special pieces in your suite you'd love to have captured at the reception and ceremony - from place cards, to your order of service, your seating chart and anything in between. These are wonderful for your own memories, but are also useful if a publication such as a blog or magazine wants to publish your wedding- details like this inspire other brides and pull together the full story and beauty of your wedding day.

From the wedding of Amanda and Daniel by Serendipity Corner Photography

Photo by Hayley Johnson

Photo by Hayley Johnson

Photo by Hayley Johnson

From the wedding of Danielle and David by IDo Weddings

From the wedding of Sally and Siva by Natasja Kremers

May 10, 2011
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Couples these days are getting married at a later age and therefore have most of the possessions they need to set up house. With this in mind, more and more couples are electing to have a wishing well, honeymoon registry or gift registry for guests who wish to help them celebrate with a gift.

I get asked on a daily basis for wording ideas for wishing well and registry cards, here a few that seem to be popular.

Traditional Gift Registry

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all.

However should you wish to help us celebrate with a gift, we have registered a gift list with {Registry Name}.

We hope that this registry will make it more convenient for you to select something that you know we will love.

Gift Registry/Honeymoon Registry

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all.

However should you wish to honour us with a gift, we have registered a honeymoon registry at {Registry Name}, where you can make a contribution to help us make a honeymoon memory that will last a lifetime

Wishing Well

More than just kisses so far we?ve shared,

Our home has been made with Love and Care,

Most things we need we?ve already got,

And in our home we can?t fit a lot!

A donation to our wishing well would be great,

But only if you wish to participate.

Orange Ornate Wishing Well/Registry card from Alannah Rose

August 18, 2008
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We quite often get asked about the timing of invitations and rsvps for weddings, so I thought I'd answer a couple of the most common questions here.

When should we send out our wedding invitations?

Traditionally wedding invitations are sent out 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding. Although some brides and grooms elect to send them out earlier - particularly if they are having a destination wedding or if a lot of their guests will be traveling to attend. Another instance where more time is allowed, is for weddings falling in January, February, and early March, where it is not uncommon to send out the invitations in late November or early December in order to avoid the Christmas mail and holiday season where people are likely to be away.

If you would like to give your guests a lot of notice of your wedding date, Save the Date cards are also popular, this gives the guest notice of when your wedding is, asks them to 'save the date' and let's them know to expect a formal invitation at a later date. These are sent out anywhere from 6-12 months in advance depending on the extent of notice your guests are likely to require.

How much time should I give my guests to RSVP?

This really depends on your wedding vendors and your organisational plans as to what date you will require final numbers by. Some reception venues require final numbers 2 weeks prior to the wedding, whilst some vendors require more. If you are ordering personalised place cards from Alannah Rose for example, we suggest setting your RSVP date about 4-5 weeks prior to the wedding. This then gives you time to gather your final list of names together to send to us for printing, whilst still allowing time for your cards to be delivered before the wedding day!

August 18, 2008
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I often get asked what sort of dress code a couple should put on their wedding invitations . This of course really comes down to the style of the event that is planned, so if you are pondering this question, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What style of event are we planning? Very formal and elegant? Stylish and simple? Relaxed and celebratory?

Where is the event being held? Does this dictate the type of attire required?

What is the timing of the event? Is it indoors or outdoors? What time of day is it being held?

For those looking for a bit more clarification, I've listed some of the more popular dress codes and what they generally mean below.

White Tie

This is reserved for ultra formal occasions. For men , a full black tuxedo coat with tails, a white pique shirt, white vest and white bow tie and black trousers and black formal shoes are appropriate. For women, a full length gown and glamorous hair and make up is essential. This is the look you'd have if you were going to the Oscars!

above: Collete Dinnigan embroidered French spot tulle strapless gown with scalloped beading - for a very special occasion!

Black Tie

This is perhaps the most popular of the formal dress codes we see and is usually used if the wedding is to be an evening affair (from 4.30pm onwards). For men , a black tuxedo or dinner suit worn with a white pique shirt and black bow tie, black trousers and black shoes and socks. For women , a glamorous formal evening gown or cocktail dress (long or short) is appropriate.


This suggests that the event is a formal affair, but perhaps not as strict on dress code as Black Tie.

For the men , a dark formal suit, white shirt and tie. For the women, a stylish evening or cocktail gown.

Lounge Suit

This is one of the most popular dress codes we have our couples using on their invitations. It suggests the wedding is a stylish event, although less formal than the above options. It is suitable for weddings held at any time of the day or evening. For men , a dark business suit, shirt and matching tie is appropriate. For the women , a dress, smart suit or cocktail dress is suitable.

Above: Pretty dress form Asos


This is usually used for an evening wedding. For the men a dark suit and tie is appropriate. For women a short elegant cocktail dress.

Above: Gorgeous Oasis cocktail gown from Asos

Smart Casual

Don't be fooled by the word 'casual' in the heading. Jeans are not appropriate at this wedding! For men , a suit and shirt, dark or light depending on the time of day, alternatively a pair of tailored pants and jacket is also suitable. A tie is optional for this occasion. For the women , a pretty dress, cocktail or other, a dressy skirt and top, or smart tailored pants and stylish top.


For a more relaxed affair, men and women would dress as if going to a nice restaurant. For men a nice pair of pants and shirt. For women a skirt, dress or pants are also appropriate. No jeans here either.

July 31, 2008
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I quite often get asked for advice on invitation wording.

We do have a small section for wedding invitation wording on the Alannah Rose site here that caters for most wedding scenarios.

Another site that I love and is great for wording is

This little gem has wording for all occasions, weddings, engagements, christenings and baby showers, together with verses and poems if this is something you are also looking to add to your stationery.

Always remember to choose a style of wording that is relevant to the style of day you are planning. If it is a formal occasion, then something very formal is appropriate and vice versa.

June 16, 2008
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There's nothing quite like receiving a beautiful hand written note. Even more so when it's someone saying Thank You.

This week I received some gorgeous notes in the mail from two of my wedding clients. They were simple words, but they touched my heart as they'd taken the time to write and post them off amongst the hundreds of other cards they were writing.

Thank you Molly and Tanya, you made my day.

So this got me to thinking on wedding etiquette. I've been to a few weddings in my time and I'm saddened to say that a large majority didn't send thank you notes out after the big day. I'm a firm believer that it's good etiquette to thank your guests for attending your wedding - and for their gift. After all, your guest's generally aren't present when you open it, so it's always nice to acknowledge it was received.

So what does a thank you note have to look like?

There's no hard and fast rules. In the Alannah Rose boutique we do of course have matching thank you cards if you would like to tie in with your stationery theme and give the guests a little reminder of the day, but if budget does not allow, a simple pretty piece of note paper will also do the job. It is after all about the sentiment.

Wedding Thank you cards available from Alannah Rose. Clockwise from top left: Latte Lace Folding Thank You Card, Embellish Monogram Thank You Card, True Romance Thank You Card and Style Wedding Photo Thank You Card. More styles available in the online boutique.

What should you say in your thank you card or note?

Thank you of course! You can say a simple thank you for sharing your day, or you can be more specific and mention the gift you were given and how you are using it.

Here's a couple of examples that might help you along the way.

For a gift of Money:

Dear Suzi

Thank you for helping us celebrate our wedding day.

We were so pleased to share this special occasion with our closest family and friends.

Your generous gift is appreciated and we will be using it to put towards our kitchen renovation.

With love from Jack and Ainslee Richards

For an actual gift:

Dear Alannah

Thank you for sharing our wedding day with us, we were so pleased you could be there to help us celebrate.

The Vera Wang champagne flutes are divine, we used them for our first celebration toast on return from our honeymoon!

With love from Jack Richards and Ainslee Smythe

June 3, 2008
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