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October 20, 2010
Category: baby

The ever so talented Jodi of Designer Cakes just emailed me this cake that she recently created for a client to match our One Little La La Bird Party Invitations.

bird party, bird party invitations

Recognize the little lala bird? You may remember her from the cake that Jodi created for Alannah's party here

Love it Jodi! (for those wanting Jodi's details just post a comment or send me an email, she's based in Donvale, Victoria)

August 17, 2010
Category: baby

Today I'm loving these ABC Paper Cups! Perfect for parties, favours, picnics, let your imagination run wild!

Available from In Good Company

August 15, 2010
Category: baby

A few weeks ago when I was in the midst of planning Ella’s 4th birthday party, the gorgeous girls at Details Details sent me an email one night.

It was an email that told me a story I didn’t know, but it’s a story I will never forget, and it brought me to tears, as it does now whilst I’m writing this.

A story of a little girl named Ava, a little girl similar in age to my own daughter, a little girl who tragically is no longer with us, and her inspirational mother Sheye Rosemeyer. If you don’t know the story, you can read more about it here.

Ava loved tea parties, as all little girls do, they’d even had one planned, but sadly they never got a chance. Each year the Rosemeyer’s in memory if Ava plan a tea party around August 22, for them it’s a chance “ to turn our missing and wishing into something to have and to hold”.

This year, Ava’s Tea Party is growing to a new level. It’s something we can all participate in.

In Sheye’s words

ava's tea party

(image and words taken from the Ava's tea party website)

So it is here the Details Details girls’ vision comes into play. Inspired by Ava's story, they contacted 9 of Australia’s leading stationery designers (Alannah Rose included). It was an email asking us to participate, to join them, to share, and donate our time in creating the perfect invitation for Ava’s Tea Party. An invitation that anyone, wishing to hold a tea party could use, to share, to remember, to love.

Together, in our own way and style, myself and the other designers have created 9 unique Tea Party invitations, which come together to create the Beauty-Full collection. A limited collection of printable invitations, that you can purchase in the name of Ava and in the name of charity to host your own Tea Party.

ava's tea party invitation by alannah rose

Above: Limited edition printable tea party invitation by Alannah Rose for Ava's tea party available here. Image courtesy Sheye Rosemeyer

They are priced at just $10.00 for the file, you can print as few or as many as you wish, available only at Details Details, and available only until the end of August 2010. 100% of the sale of these invitations will go to Paradise Kids. 100%.

So. Hold a Tea Party. Purchase an invitation. Whether you use it this August, or sometime in the near future, just do it. Life is too short to miss out on such a simple pleasure.

For more information

The Beauty Full Collection at Details Details

Ava’s Tea Party

Sheye Rosemeyer

Paradise Kids

July 28, 2010
Category: baby

My lovely little ladybird turned 4 last week and we celebrated on the weekend with a Ladybird party. I didn't want to do a heavy red and black theme, so we decided to turn it into a Ladybird Garden party, going for a natural look and incorporating lots of pretty garden colours. Ella received a beautiful lavender fairy dress from her Nan which she wanted to wear for the party, so we used this as an accent colour alongside reds and pinks, but keeping the ladybug elements in their red and black.

Considering it is winter in Melbourne, and freezing, it was necessary to have an indoor party, so we decided to bring the garden inside! The dessert table was covered in artificial turf and our garden party grew from there!

Above: The dessert table, covered in artificial turf set the scene for the ladybirds garden; Wooden lady bugs dotted amongst the foliage; homemade cupcakes; Alannah Rose Lovely Ladybird Invitations; Ella's Ladybird Birthday Banner

Above: Homemade gingerbread flowers potted in watering cans; sweet pink lemonade bottles with paper straws (from details details); the birthday girl

Above: Party Food - Potted Gingerbread flowers; Jelly beans; potted marshmallows and tiny toadstools; fairybread flowers, cupcakes; marshmallows dipped in chocolate, Yum!

Above: The beautiful two layer ladybird birthday cake was made by my very talented Mum! (thanks mum, so much it is exactly as I imagined x)

Above: little party guests enjoying the fare; pretty pom pom flowers adorned the roof of the kids party room for a garden feel; the children's party table was set with ladybird antennae (homemade) for the kids to take home (plus ant antennae for the boys) and ladybird garden colouring sheets (free printable colouring sheet file available with purchase of our lovely ladybird invitations on request) and potted gingerbread flowers

Above: Also in the party room were the loot buckets - filled with plastic magnifying glass, ladybird clickers (remember those old fashioned metal ones?), lollies, blowouts and balloons - 'fly me home' were the instructions from miss ladybird; party games - a jar full of chocolate ladybirds went 'missing' each child was handed a net to catch the ladybirds and bring them home. They were then divided up and tied into the nets for the children to take home with their lolly buckets. This game was a big hit with the kids!

Other games included pass the lucky dip - my variation of pass the parcel - rather than wrapping prize upon prize into paper, I put individual prizes into paper bags which were passed around in a larger gift bag for the children to 'lucky dip' when the music stopped.

Supplier list:

Invitations and stationery - Alannah Rose - Lovely Ladybird Party Invitations

Stripey Straws - Details Details

White buckets - Holly Lolly

Flowers - gorgeous Kale, Rosehip, Roses and Magnolia leaves all from Camberwell Florist

Cake - made by my Mum! Ladybird sugar decorations from Cakes around Town

Nets - These are fish tank nets - I sourced them from a local $2 shop, and Cheap as Chips

White Ceramic Pots - Ikea

White Watering Cans - The Reject Shop

Lollies - Toadstools from Coles, Large marshmallows used on sticks in pots Campbells Cash & Carry

Mini Glass Bottles - These are empty Vittoria Juice Bottles - thanks to Sharnel and my twitter friends for the heads up on these

Special thanks to all my lovely friends and family - mum for all her help and the amazing cake, my husband for putting up with my bossiness, prue (gigi & lulu) for her inspiration, ideas and help on the day, Adrienne & Tim for the turf, and Kerrin for extra vases I needed at the last minute! Plus hugs and kisses to all Ella's little friends that helped her celebrate and make the day so special.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bella, I'm glad you loved your party, your smile and excitement bring me such joy! x

July 26, 2010
Category: baby

...the ladybird garden, that is!

My daughter turned 4 this week and we celebrated yesterday with a party in the ladybird garden.

So apologies for the lack of posts this week, it's taken a bit to put together (as all parties do, baking, decorating, more baking) and today I am exhausted, so no Sunday find either.

But.. I will have lots of gorgeous images of the party this week and also something very special and beauty-full to share also. So stay tuned.

ladybird invitations, ladybug invitations

Above: Alannah Rose Lovely Ladybird Party Invitations



July 25, 2010
Category: baby

Hot off the presses, our gorgeous new collection of boxed party invitation designs have arrived. We've gone for a bit of a garden theme this season with bee's, ladybirds and an update on our popular spooky spider invitation. All new designs are in store now and are also being shipped as we speak to many of our lovely stockists. I can't wait to see the parties you create for these new designs. x

bee party invitations buzz buzz bee

This sweet new buzz buzz bee party invitation design will have little party guests buzzing, the unisex design is perfect for birthday’s and baby showers.

ladybird party invitations ladybug

Every little girls favourite, this lovely ladybird party invitation is the perfect starter for a garden theme party

spooky spider party invitations

And finally - our popular spider invitation is back! Revamped and spookier than ever! Now with a black background, spooky is sure to make your guests jump. Perfect for spooky parties, and let's not forget Halloween!

May 20, 2010
Category: baby

My youngest daughter and I had a lovely afternoon yesterday testing out some ideas for party food for her 4th birthday later in the year. These pretty little pops are the results of our efforts.

marshmallow pops party food

These lovely marshmallow pops are so easy to make, even the kids could do them.

You'll need:

1 packet of marshmallows

1 packet of choc melts

Coloured sprinkles or candy to decorate

cocktail forks or lollipop sticks

baking paper

Simply place a marshmallow on the stick or fork, dip in the melted chocolate and place on the baking paper. Decorate with the sprinkles and then place in the fridge to set. Once set remove from fridge and place in rows on a plate for a great dessert table idea that the kids will love.


April 20, 2010
Category: baby

...from the bottom of my heart to all the beautiful bloggers worldwide that have featured Alannah's Lala Bird Party in the last month.

Amongst them my idols (eek Amy Atlas!), favourites, friends and some fantastic new blogs that I'm thrilled to find. I'm truly humbled and honoured. Thank you.

Make sure you pay them all a visit, these blogs are full of beautiful inspiration, words and ideas.

Suzi xx

bird party invitations

Thank you to the following blogs:

Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas

Party Perfect


Cheesecakes & Cupcakes

Multiply Delicious

Mini Gaga

Cornflake - Bank on Good Style

Stationery Scoop

Not just a Mommy

Candy & Cake


Curly Birds

Crash this Party

Lilac and Yellow

Celebrations at Home

Special thanks also to the following gorgeous bloggers who have also mentioned our party invitations this month.

Bloesem Kids via Jennifer at Mini Stylista

Little Red Bus

(if I've missed you, it's not intentional (it took me a while to sort through the links!) please let me know and I'd love to add you to the list! x)

March 29, 2010
Category: baby

Last weekend my little girl turned 5, we celebrated with a pretty pink and red lala bird theme, based around our lala bird invitations. The lala bird invitations were named after Alannah, I call her lala for short, so it was only fitting that she should celebrate with the lala bird party theme.

I had such fun with this party, I never grow tired of red and pink together it's such an unexpected but pretty combination, and I found that there are endless options of bird things that you can pick up from all over the place to help set the scene.

bird party invitations, bird party theme, party invitations wholesale

above: customised lala bird party invitations from Alannah Rose; 'la la' on her party day. The gorgeous red and white party dress is from Little Gems.

bird party invitations, lala bird invitations, bird party inspiration

above: Tissue paper pom poms, birds and hearts hung from the ceiling; gingerbread birds in cellophane wrap, I found the cookie cutter for these from Cute Cups on etsy here

bird party dessert table, bird cake, bird party invitations

bird party inspirations, tissue paper pom poms, wholesale party invitations

above: the dessert table; happy birthday banner by paperklip; the stunning hydrangeas were ordered specially for me by Camberwell Florist; easy to follow instructions for the tissue paper pom poms can be found here

bird birthday cake, bird party theme, lala bird party invitations

above: Jodi from Designer Cakes created this beautiful La La bird cake for me; the stunning pink and red roses also from Camberwell Florist (I can't remember the name of the variety, but I'll certainly be asking for them again).

bird paper cone hats, bird party theme, bird party invitations

above: lala bird party hats made by me with an extra special one just for the birthday girl

bird party inspirations, party invitations wholesale, bird party theme, red and pink party theme

bird cake, pink and red party theme, 5th birthday party girls

party food inspiration, pink and red party theme, gingerbread birds, candy kebabs

I kept the dessert table food to a theme of red, pink, chocolate, birds and hearts. Food included, cupcakes, gingerbread birds, sweets, candy kebabs, chocolate crackles, and heart shaped fairy bread.

As we had quite a few children at the party I also set up an area outside, this is where we served the hot food for lunch and played the party games.

bird party theme, bird party invitations, party invitations melbourne

The table centre piece was simply a handful of fallen branches that I collected, spray painted and placed in a vase, we then hung some lovely wooden birds from it that I found in Bed, Bath N Table, together with some crepe paper roses that I made.

bird party games, egg hunt game, egg hunt cups

All children love party games, and whilst we played some traditional favourites like pass the parcel, musical chairs and pinata, I wanted to also incorporate something on theme. I got the idea for these nifty little cups from the Eat Drink Chic blog, and thought they'd be great to use as 'nests' for the children to do an egg hunt. The child that found the most eggs got to choose a prize from the birdcage. (and of course they all got to keep their eggs).

The cups are super easy to make, simply buy plain paper cups, punch a hole either side at the top, insert ribbon and you've got a pretty little favour basket or candy cup.

bird party theme, party drink bottle labels, bird party invitations, bird party table

bird party theme, wholesale party invitations, girls party inspiration

Thirsty birds need drink: I love these pop top bottles (available at Safeway) they've got not artificial colours and flavours and they're perfect for parties - it saves you time pouring drinks and eliminates spillages on the party table. I made the little labels to co-ordinate in with the rest of the stationery.

bird party bags, party bag tags, favour bag tags, bird gift tags

Sweet tweets: All little birds love a tweet (or treat) at the end of a party, I used our little lala bird party bag tags, and found these gorgeous little pink pegs on etsy here. Together with an assortment of lollies for the guests, each party bag also had a necklace gift 'for pretty birds' inside. The girls and I made these together, they're simple and cost effective to make - just take a length of ribbon and thread some wooden beads onto it, tying a knot in between each bead - I then just slipped them into a cellophane bag.

My little lala bird loved her bird party, we're already in discussions for the next one, and her little sister bells has put in a request for a new design for her party in July... stay tuned xx

March 3, 2010
Category: baby

My little lala bird turns 5 soon - where did that time go - she started school this week, so grown up!

I've started the plans for her party, she's chosen the lala bird party invitations - she's been saying for months "I'm having a bird party" so sweet!

bird party invitations

Here's a sneek peak of the colour theme I'm working on - soft pinks, a hint of red, birds, polkadots and hearts.

Now is the perfect time to be looking for things that are red with valentines day just around the corner, you can find little heart elements to tie in the theme.

Savvy shoppers keep an eye out for the last of the christmas decorations on sale - I picked up these red bird decorations at 75% off.

I'm also keeping an eye on the easter eggs starting to appear in stores which will tie in nicely with the bird theme.

Stay tuned early March to see the final product.


February 1, 2010
Category: baby

I love it when clients share their celebration photos with me, so I was thrilled when clever mum Marissa emailed through these gorgeous shots of her daughter Elle's 1st Birthday last Sunday.

one lala bird party theme

Using a our One Little Lala Bird invitations as a base, she put together a pretty pink and red theme.

Marissa made all the little details including the party hats. The cake was made by Nikos Quality Cakes in Oakleigh. I particularly love how she's used an invitation on the top of the cake stand to further theme in the little lala bird and our one lala party tags are the perfect finishing touch.

Thanks so much for sharing Marissa, and happy birthday Elle!


October 14, 2009
Category: baby

...for a party that's a blast!

Today's post is inspired by the ever so talented Amy Atlas. Last week she hosted a space party for her 5 year old son, below are some images of the gorgeous details she created, you'll find more images from the party on Amy's blog.

amy atless rocket cake

amy atlas space cookie favours

Images above from Amy Atlas - also see here for instructions on how to make papier mache planet decorations.

A space theme party is such a great theme for boys, our Ready Red Rocket party invitations and rocket party tags are a perfect starter for this theme.

alannah rose ready red rocket invitations space party

Other things you can tie it in with include;

rocket paper garland space theme party

Paper Rocket Garland by Paperklip

rocket cookie cutter space theme party

Rocket Cookie Cutter - (make delicious cookies and place in cello bags for a great take home favour - see Amy Atlas images top)

space cadet suit rocket theme party

Space Cadet Suit for those budding space travellers

rocket t shirt space theme party

Personalised Rocket T-Shirt for the birthday boy

rocket party tags space theme party

Ready Red Rocket Favour Tags by Alannah Rose

space cupcakes space party theme rocket

Space theme cupcakes by Bella Cupcakes

rocket icypoles space theme party

Make your own Rocket Icy Poles



September 28, 2009
Category: baby

I love cupcakes. My kids love cupcakes, in fact everyone I know loves cupcakes, so cupcakes were a perfect choice for a design to include in our new party invitation range.

There are so many beautiful things you can do with this theme. Set up a baking table and let kids ice their own cupcakes to take home in little boxes, make up a felt cupcake and play 'pin the candle' on the cupcake. Decorate in theme with the invitation using pink, white, chocolate and a dash of red. Use cherries, cupcakes, flowers and all things pink and sweet for a Cupcake party to remember.

See the below inspiration boards for more ideas

Suzi xx

cupcake party theme cupcake party invitations

Above (clockwise from top) Alannah Rose Cupcake Celebrate Party invitations; cupcake hair clips by Little Choopie; toy cake set made of felt from etsy; Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes poster from Etsy; Cupcake Pops by Bakerella; Baking Spoon party favours from Twiggi; Dolly Up outfit from Ekidna Kids; Bakerella Pops as previous; Cupcake styling inspiration and banner by Amy Atlas; felt cupcake set as previous; cupcakes by Sweet Art

cupcake party inspiration cupcake party invitations

Above (clockwise from top) Alannah Rose Cupcake Celebrate Party Tag; Paper Daisy from Details Details!; Personalised mother and daughter cupcake aprons from etsy; Oopsy Daisy Baby cupcake t-shirt from Twiggi; Cupcakes here; aprons as previous; cupcake soap, make your own here

Enjoy your cupcake celebration!

Our Cupcake Celebrate invitations and gift tags are available through our stockists.

September 10, 2009
Category: baby

I don't know a single little girl that doesn't love fairies. My own daughters are no exception, so when I designed the new children's range, the Little Fairy Princess design was a mandatory inclusion.

When the invitations arrived back from the printer last year, the fairy invitation design was snapped up by my Eldest daughter and I was told she was having a fairy party for her 4th birthday. (she also had a fairy party for her 2nd... it seems fairies NEVER go out of vogue!

So earlier this year we celebrated her 4th Birthday with small party of 4 year olds at Fairyfields.The Little Fairy Princess invites, were the perfect starter to what was a truly magical day.

fairy party invitations fairy birthday invitations fairy invitations

For those not familiar with Fairyfields - it's a beautiful little fairy shop in Fairfield (Melbourne), but at the back of it is a hidden assortment of party rooms - all of which follow a fairy theme (and for the boys, there's a wizard room!).

fairy party theme, fairy party invitations, fairy lolly bag tags

Once everyone had arrived in the fairy shop, our party host - Fairy Steph appeared, a beautiful elphin like fairy who had the children mesmerised from the minute she appeared. Fairy Steph had lost her way to fairy land and needed help finding her way there. After much searching of the shop they found a wardrobe, which at first glance, was simply that, but after some fairy magic, it turned into a secret passageway to fairy land. So all the children followed her through a corridor lined with fairy dresses and lights to the fairy room.

It's hard to see from the photos, but Fairyfields is truly beautiful. Each of the party rooms is decorated with fairy seats, fairy lights, birds, leaves, branches, fairy dust, fairy stools and more. An enchanted room that made each of the children feel like they really were somewhere magical.

Fairy Steph kept them all entertained and happy and then led them into the Under Sea Garden room where party food (finger nails (chips) mud pies (party pies) and other fun things were served. From there it was through another secret passageway and down the magic slide into the secret fairy garden to hunt for treasures.

To finish the day off we handed out fairy loot bags, finished off with our new fairy princess favour tags.

Fairyfields is located at 80 Station Street, Fairfield. The pricing is very reasonable and includes party food, fairy host and an icecream cake. We'll be heading back there again, you can never have to many fairy parties!

butterfly cupcakes

sweet art cupcake

For those having a fairy party at home, look at these gorgeous cupcakes (above) from Sweet Art to tie in with your fairy theme.

fairy door

And for the perfect fairy present - why not have a fairy move into the house?

This fairy door from Monkeytail and Wellington, arrived in our house last month and we have had so much fun with it - we know when the fairy has been as she sprinkles fairy dust in front of the door, and sometimes she leaves little gifts or letters. I must note, some of the mums at kinder aren't too happy with me after my daughter told everyone at special news about it.....

Happy fairy party planning


August 19, 2009
Category: baby

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