alannah rose parties

alannah rose parties

Finally we have hit spring! I can't believe it's been a month since we celebrated Miss Ella's 7th birthday, so much has happened since then, including a super fabulous holiday to Disneyland!

I'm excited today to share with you her party! Ella loves art and this year requested an Art Party. I looked at outsourcing it, as I have for the last few parties (thus the lack of party posts!) but decided it was probably time to have another party at home! I'm so glad i did, it was so much fun, and the kids had a blast, creating some gorgeous pieces to take home and show off!

I started the theme with a chalkboard style party invitation to go with the arty theme, and carried it across the decorations during the day.

I had a lot of fun with a tin of blackboard paint! Blackboard paint was used for the party table backdrop and photo board. I also used it on the paint tin favours and drink bottles - leaving chalk on the table so kids could write their names on their drinks. My gorgeous friend Lisa lent me the table, wooden crates and divine metal cake stand.

Above: Arty Party Printables by Alannah Rose; drink bottles hand painted with black board paint, Sambellina polka dot Party Ware from the Party Parlour

We didn't go overboard with food for this party, it was more about the art and projects, but what we did create, we kept on theme. I purchased some edible ink pens and Ella decorated all of the gingerbread cookies herself - each one an edible art piece! Her friends loved picking out their favourite one to eat! Also on the table were 'jackson pollock' rice bubble bars - basically a rice bubble slice drizzled with coloured white chocolate. Also an art palette cake to finish off the Arty theme.

Each party guest took home a  'Sample Pot' - an empty paint tin which I painted with blackboard paint and wrote each child's name on with chalk. They were filled with an assortment of lollies. The photo board was a huge hit, simply painted with blackboard paint and the logo from the invitations drawn on with chalk for the kids to pose under.

I have to say, the day of the party was absolutely freezing, hands down one of the coldest days Melbourne had all winter I think! Never the less we still managed to set up the 'Art Studio' outside under the pergola, complete with portable heater and tarps to keep the weather and rain at bay! We had 20 guests at this party, but unless you have a lot of helping hands, I'd recommend keeping the numbers to around 10 if you can. Much easier on the hostess!

We did a lot of practising in the school holidays in the lead up to the party to figure out which projects Ella enjoyed doing, and what we though the kids would be capable of.

We started out the day with Folio Labels - each child when they arrived was asked to do a self portrait of themselves onto the label, which was then stuck to their folio bag.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyed projects was the 'Squishy Men' - balloons filled with flour, and decorated with wool and sharpy textas - easy and cheap to do - just remember you'll need an adult running this station as the filling of the balloons can be tricky for some little hands!

Other projects that we did included Sharpie Patterns, Sharpie Mugs, Mini Canvas and Shaving Cream Marbling. The kids did such and amazing job and took some beautiful art pieces home at the end of the party.

We followed up the party with handwritten thank you notes by Ella.

I hope you enjoyed the images - we had so much fun, I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up.

Special thanks also to my gorgeous team of helpers on the day, an arty party is definitely one that needs many hands on deck!

For those that are interested I've created a printable Arty Party range for this theme - you can purchase the Arty Party Printables here.

September 2, 2013

I'm thrilled to share a beautiful 1st Birthday party with you today! This party brings back so many memories of Ella's Lady bird Party a couple of years ago, I love that our clients are inspired by our work! Today's party was styled by clever Mum and Photographer Niki Sprekos, of Niki Sprekos Photography.

Niki put together this beautiful ladybird party full of fun and whimsical details to celebrate her daughter Georgie's first birthday. Aside from all of the gorgeous details, the party was a hit with the kids, with colouring, games, a puppet show, face painting and ballooning and a ladybug hunt, all run by Fairy Flutterby, the party host for the day. There was no shortage of food and the children feasted on the delicious spread put together by Niki.

Using our Lovely Lady Bird Party invitations, and printables,  Niki styled Georgie's party around this theme.

Above: A feast for little eyes. Entertainment by Fairy Flutterby.

Above: Niki and the gorgeous Birthday Girl Georgie; Lovely take home details - sweet lolly containers and nets to catch chocolate lady bugs for the hunt.

Congratulations Niki on creating and capturing a beautiful party!

{Supplier list}

Photography: Niki Sprekos Photography

Stationery: Invitations and party printables by Alannah Rose

Cake: Chantilly Cakes

Entertainment: Fairy Flutterby

Kids tables, ladybug tent, cake stands, grass and jars hired from Party Hire for Kids

Cupcakes, Cake pops, Cookies, etc - made by Niki

Lolly tins:  They are pencil tins from Ikea and they contained lollies of course, ladybug castanet, ladybug tin clicker and a magnifying glass to collect their bugs.

February 12, 2013

We've been busy bee's here of late. Not only are we busy with Spring and Summer weddings, but we celebrated Miss Ella's 5th Birthday on the weekend. She chose our Buzz Buzz Bee invitations last July (while i was standing on a ladder decorating for her ladybird party!), and has done nothing but talk about her bee party ever since!

I was brave and made the cakes myself this time. Ella and I had fun in the kitchen playing with fondant - it's the first time I've made a cake with fondant, so I'm happy with the way they came up! Some pics below of the dessert table and party, I hope they inspire you for things you can do with our buzz buzz bee party theme.

Food made for the dessert table included Honey Joys, Yo-Yo's, Ginger-Bee's and Buzz Cakes. Guests sipped on nectar and were given little 'sweet as honey' jars of sweets to take home. Entertainment was provided by Disco Pop Parties - the busy bee's disco! And we finished up with a bee pinata.

The detail list

Invitations - Alannah Rose Buzz Buzz Bee Party Invitations

Printable Party - Buzz Buzz Bee Party Hats, drink bottle labels, tent cards, sweet as honey labels, by Alannah Rose

Empty Honey Jars - Star Gift Ashburton (these are plastic as I was concerned about glass and five year olds!)

Cake - Made by me! Fondant supplies etc from West's Cakes

Bee Pinata - The Party Stop

Flowers - Camberwell Florist

Ella's Bee Dress - The Kids Window (note these are large size dresses, we had to do some alterations to it for it to fit)

Garlands and Fabric - Spotlight - the garlands are wool - about $4.00 for 20 metres!

Bee Cookie Cutter - Baking Pleasures

Entertainment - Disco Pop Parties

A special thank you to Amy Atlas and her team for featuring our party today. Amy is a fabulous source of inspiration. We're looking forward to seeing her book when it's released and excited that she is heading out to Australia! Visit her blog for details.

July 27, 2011

The Party Parlour sent over this sweet little party theme they created using our little duck invitations & gift tags....

We love the sweet mix of yellow, black and red polka dots and the tower of delicious yellow cupcakes- topped with a red polka dot of course! All of the goodies in this shoot are available from The Party Parlour.

May 11, 2011

Well here we are back from a lovely weekend and a fantastic and fun rainbow party!

Alannah had an amazing time, she was so happy the entire day, and I  thought I'd share the pics with you.

Keeping with our our rainbow theme and inspired by the book 'You, Me and the Rainbow' I introduced a heart element into the invitation design as well as some of the design elements in keeping with the rainbow ritual in the book 'sending a rainbow from my heart to yours'.

We were both really excited about this theme, it was so much fun to work on.

Above: Our new 'wrap me in rainbows' party invitations created especially for this party; Miss Alannah loving every bit of her 6th Birthday; 'wrap me in rainbows' party hats

Above: Rainbow party hats - Alannah loves party hats, so these were a special request from her, now available as a printable party file;

Favours - guests were given 'Cookie Love' take home rainbow gingerbread hearts; The kids party table - one of my favourite things and a fabulous find that I used for this party were the garlands - you can't see much of them in the pics, but I strung them all over the roof, mainly in white, with some bulk colour for the rainbows. These were not actually garlands, but strings of wool! Yes wool, it's called snowball and you can purchase it in 25 metre lengths in a multitude of colours from Lincraft or Spotlight for around $3.50. A bargain!

Above: The Sweets and Candy Table - The hanging cloud with rainbow hearts was purchased from etsy seller The Rainbow Room, Clara very kindly adjusted the design to have hearts rather than rain drops for me; The Cake - I first saw the rainbow cake over at my lovely friends Hip Hooray, for instructions to make head on over to Whisk Kid. For our version I wanted Alannah to be involved - she finger knitted the wool decoration to wrap around the cake, and chose the unicorn on top out of selection of few cake toppers I found on etsy - this one came from the very talented Bunny with a Toolbelt. The number six was purchased from spotlight and I glued some printable paper with spray adhesive to the front so it would tie in with the other stationery pieces.

Above: The food - as we were having an afternoon party I didn't want to make too many different dishes for the dessert bar, so we went with cupcakes - topped with the rounded tip of a candy cane, rainbow bark - white chocolate with crushed candy cane on top, heart shaped fairy bread - always a favourite, and rainbow striped gingerbread hearts - these took a fair bit of time to make, but I'm super pleased with the outcome even if I do say so myself! An assortment of coloured lollies were also added included smarties, jelly beans and twizzlers - rainbow coloured licorice!

Above: More sweet treats; Drink bottles - were dressed up with printable drink labels in our wrap me in rainbows theme

Above: The rainbow cake - it worked! It really is simple to make, and very effective - the papparazzi were in force!; Sweet Treats - I printed up little treat bags and filled with candy for guests to take home

Above: More Gifts - I couldn't resist making up these  little personalised pocket mirrors to match the invitations. The poem on the hessian bag was ironed on with t-shirt transfer.

Entertainment - I wanted to sit back and enjoy the party this time around so I organised for Stephanie from Fairy Flutterby to entertain the guests. Stephanie is a fantastic entertainer and talented face painter. She kept the girls laughing with a magic show, dancing, games, facepainting and balloon sculpting - what more could you ask for! I highly recommend her.

More Details:

Stationery - All of the stationery items used in this party are now available for purchase through Alannah Rose as printable party files, you can view our 'wrap me in rainbows' printable party invitations and matching items here. So if you're wanting to replicate this look, you can simply purchase the files and print off the paper pieces at home.

Twizzlers - from Sugar Station

Ribbon Cake stands from Tracey Lau

Rainbow Candy Cane - Big W

Cake Supplies - Wests

Rainbow Twine - The Twinery

Finally - A very special thank you to my mum, my husband, my two gorgeous girls that make me smile every day, my lovely friend Kerrin, and the mums that helped me on the day.

And finally to Amy Atlas who featured our little party on her blog today with the sweetest words - I'm so flattered! - I'm ever inspired by Amy's work, and thrilled that she has featured one of our party's again.



March 8, 2011

Today we're getting ready for a little 6th birthday celebration for my daughter. The theme she's chosen is rainbows, and whilst there's so many rainbow parties around and it's a popular choice, it's a choice that's dear to our hearts and especially special to her.

Last year when she started prep, we went through a lot of separation anxiety, two terms of it actually (in Australia that's half a year), there were tears every morning at drop off, and I mean EVERY, which was distressing for me, distressing for her, and difficult for her teacher - a Mr - who handled her absolutely amazingly and took her on his knee each morning as I pried my fingers out of her grip.

At some stage amongst all the tears I had a chat with my Aunty, a school teacher who had just been to a talk by Petria King - a well-known author, inspirational keynote speaker, teacher and facilitator. Petria's talk was about the rainbow ritual and accompanying story book You, Me and the Rainbow. A story and ritual developed by Petria to help children deal with challenging, sad or distressing news. My Aunty thought it might be worth a try with our separation anxiety, so I ordered the book and away we went.

Well, within a week of reading the book every night and doing the rainbow ritual, Alannah was going off to school, wrapped in a rainbow and not a tear in sight!

Since then, she's been obsessed with rainbows, we talk about them a lot, and every now and then when she's feeling a little unsure, I send her rainbow from my heart to hers, and it's enough to give her a little more confidence to head off to whatever it is she's doing.

I highly recommend the book, it's a beautiful story with a purpose, and it's certainly one that's become special in our home. So tomorrow, we'll be sending rainbows around, I hope you all catch one too.

Stay tuned for the pics - we've had so much fun with the theme rainbow, Alannah has even finger knitted some of the decorations, which is so incredibly sweet.

For more information on Petria King, the Rainbow Ritual and You, Me and the Rainbow, please click here.

March 4, 2011

There's nothing we love more than celebrating a brand new baby and we think our Hatching Soon Baby Shower Invitation has just the right amount of cluck, cluck cluckiness for any mum to be!

A birdie theme is just right for a baby shower, the promise of sweet new things to come! Sweet treats like cupcakes are a must (and we think a bottle of perfect pink bubbles for the guests is a necessary accompaniment!) and sugared almonds in twig nests echo our birdie and egg theme. Pretty garlands strung from the rafters look perfect blowing in the breeze and our La La Bird Pocket Mirrors are the perfect gift for games or to share with your guests as a token of appreciation!

Clockwise from Top Left: Alannah Rose Hatching Soon Baby Shower Invitation, Pink sugared almonds from Wedding Favors Now, Nesting Birds Birds Nests from The Baby Shower Shop, Bird cupcake from Sweetopia, Birdie garland from Paperklip Design, Alannah Rose La La Bird Pocket Mirror

November 5, 2010

Who can believe Christmas is just around the corner? Our brand new La La La La Christmas Gift Tags inspired us to create a birdie themed Christmas for you today!

We've switched up the traditional red & green for our favourite Christmas combination- red & pink! Why not decorate your dining table with white washed birdhouses and and our gift tags attached? Hang glossy red bird decorations from your Christmas tree, serve your Christmas drinks from rich, ruby red goblets and wrap your presents in pretty pink and red papers. Pink and red candies and traditional gingerbread are a must have for your Christmas table!

Clockwise from top left: Alannah Rose La La La La Christmas Gift Tags, Christmas tree from Country Living, metal bird decoration from Hard To Find, wrapped presents from Martha Stewart, Christmas gingerbread from House & Garden, rare find holder from Anthropologie, bird house from FayeHubele, red goblets from Country Living.

October 20, 2010

My lovely friend Kerrin hosted this pretty fairy party for her daughter's 4th Birthday using our Little Fairy Princess Party Invitations and Lolly Bag Tags.

I love the addition of green to the pink and white colour palette, so pretty and perfect for a sunny spring day. The children were entertained by Fairy Rainbow Sparkle and feasted on fairy fare.

Congrats Kerrin on such a beautiful party!

October 6, 2010

The ever so talented Jodi of Designer Cakes just emailed me this cake that she recently created for a client to match our One Little La La Bird Party Invitations.

bird party, bird party invitations

Recognize the little lala bird? You may remember her from the cake that Jodi created for Alannah's party here

Love it Jodi! (for those wanting Jodi's details just post a comment or send me an email, she's based in Donvale, Victoria)

August 17, 2010

My lovely little ladybird turned 4 last week and we celebrated on the weekend with a Ladybird party. I didn't want to do a heavy red and black theme, so we decided to turn it into a Ladybird Garden party, going for a natural look and incorporating lots of pretty garden colours. Ella received a beautiful lavender fairy dress from her Nan which she wanted to wear for the party, so we used this as an accent colour alongside reds and pinks, but keeping the ladybug elements in their red and black.

Considering it is winter in Melbourne, and freezing, it was necessary to have an indoor party, so we decided to bring the garden inside! The dessert table was covered in artificial turf and our garden party grew from there!

Above: The dessert table, covered in artificial turf set the scene for the ladybirds garden; Wooden lady bugs dotted amongst the foliage; homemade cupcakes; Alannah Rose Lovely Ladybird Invitations; Ella's Ladybird Birthday Banner

Above: Homemade gingerbread flowers potted in watering cans; sweet pink lemonade bottles with paper straws (from details details); the birthday girl

Above: Party Food - Potted Gingerbread flowers; Jelly beans; potted marshmallows and tiny toadstools; fairybread flowers, cupcakes; marshmallows dipped in chocolate, Yum!

Above: The beautiful two layer ladybird birthday cake was made by my very talented Mum! (thanks mum, so much it is exactly as I imagined x)

Above: little party guests enjoying the fare; pretty pom pom flowers adorned the roof of the kids party room for a garden feel; the children's party table was set with ladybird antennae (homemade) for the kids to take home (plus ant antennae for the boys) and ladybird garden colouring sheets (free printable colouring sheet file available with purchase of our lovely ladybird invitations on request) and potted gingerbread flowers

Above: Also in the party room were the loot buckets - filled with plastic magnifying glass, ladybird clickers (remember those old fashioned metal ones?), lollies, blowouts and balloons - 'fly me home' were the instructions from miss ladybird; party games - a jar full of chocolate ladybirds went 'missing' each child was handed a net to catch the ladybirds and bring them home. They were then divided up and tied into the nets for the children to take home with their lolly buckets. This game was a big hit with the kids!

Other games included pass the lucky dip - my variation of pass the parcel - rather than wrapping prize upon prize into paper, I put individual prizes into paper bags which were passed around in a larger gift bag for the children to 'lucky dip' when the music stopped.

Supplier list:

Invitations and stationery - Alannah Rose - Lovely Ladybird Party Invitations

Stripey Straws - Details Details

White buckets - Holly Lolly

Flowers - gorgeous Kale, Rosehip, Roses and Magnolia leaves all from Camberwell Florist

Cake - made by my Mum! Ladybird sugar decorations from Cakes around Town

Nets - These are fish tank nets - I sourced them from a local $2 shop, and Cheap as Chips

White Ceramic Pots - Ikea

White Watering Cans - The Reject Shop

Lollies - Toadstools from Coles, Large marshmallows used on sticks in pots Campbells Cash & Carry

Mini Glass Bottles - These are empty Vittoria Juice Bottles - thanks to Sharnel and my twitter friends for the heads up on these

Special thanks to all my lovely friends and family - mum for all her help and the amazing cake, my husband for putting up with my bossiness, prue (gigi & lulu) for her inspiration, ideas and help on the day, Adrienne & Tim for the turf, and Kerrin for extra vases I needed at the last minute! Plus hugs and kisses to all Ella's little friends that helped her celebrate and make the day so special.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bella, I'm glad you loved your party, your smile and excitement bring me such joy! x

July 26, 2010

...the ladybird garden, that is!

My daughter turned 4 this week and we celebrated yesterday with a party in the ladybird garden.

So apologies for the lack of posts this week, it's taken a bit to put together (as all parties do, baking, decorating, more baking) and today I am exhausted, so no Sunday find either.

But.. I will have lots of gorgeous images of the party this week and also something very special and beauty-full to share also. So stay tuned.

ladybird invitations, ladybug invitations

Above: Alannah Rose Lovely Ladybird Party Invitations



July 25, 2010

Last weekend my little girl turned 5, we celebrated with a pretty pink and red lala bird theme, based around our lala bird invitations. The lala bird invitations were named after Alannah, I call her lala for short, so it was only fitting that she should celebrate with the lala bird party theme.

I had such fun with this party, I never grow tired of red and pink together it's such an unexpected but pretty combination, and I found that there are endless options of bird things that you can pick up from all over the place to help set the scene.

bird party invitations, bird party theme, party invitations wholesale

above: customised lala bird party invitations from Alannah Rose; 'la la' on her party day. The gorgeous red and white party dress is from Little Gems.

bird party invitations, lala bird invitations, bird party inspiration

above: Tissue paper pom poms, birds and hearts hung from the ceiling; gingerbread birds in cellophane wrap, I found the cookie cutter for these from Cute Cups on etsy here

bird party dessert table, bird cake, bird party invitations

bird party inspirations, tissue paper pom poms, wholesale party invitations

above: the dessert table; happy birthday banner by paperklip; the stunning hydrangeas were ordered specially for me by Camberwell Florist; easy to follow instructions for the tissue paper pom poms can be found here

bird birthday cake, bird party theme, lala bird party invitations

above: Jodi from Designer Cakes created this beautiful La La bird cake for me; the stunning pink and red roses also from Camberwell Florist (I can't remember the name of the variety, but I'll certainly be asking for them again).

bird paper cone hats, bird party theme, bird party invitations

above: lala bird party hats made by me with an extra special one just for the birthday girl

bird party inspirations, party invitations wholesale, bird party theme, red and pink party theme

bird cake, pink and red party theme, 5th birthday party girls

party food inspiration, pink and red party theme, gingerbread birds, candy kebabs

I kept the dessert table food to a theme of red, pink, chocolate, birds and hearts. Food included, cupcakes, gingerbread birds, sweets, candy kebabs, chocolate crackles, and heart shaped fairy bread.

As we had quite a few children at the party I also set up an area outside, this is where we served the hot food for lunch and played the party games.

bird party theme, bird party invitations, party invitations melbourne

The table centre piece was simply a handful of fallen branches that I collected, spray painted and placed in a vase, we then hung some lovely wooden birds from it that I found in Bed, Bath N Table, together with some crepe paper roses that I made.

bird party games, egg hunt game, egg hunt cups

All children love party games, and whilst we played some traditional favourites like pass the parcel, musical chairs and pinata, I wanted to also incorporate something on theme. I got the idea for these nifty little cups from the Eat Drink Chic blog, and thought they'd be great to use as 'nests' for the children to do an egg hunt. The child that found the most eggs got to choose a prize from the birdcage. (and of course they all got to keep their eggs).

The cups are super easy to make, simply buy plain paper cups, punch a hole either side at the top, insert ribbon and you've got a pretty little favour basket or candy cup.

bird party theme, party drink bottle labels, bird party invitations, bird party table

bird party theme, wholesale party invitations, girls party inspiration

Thirsty birds need drink: I love these pop top bottles (available at Safeway) they've got not artificial colours and flavours and they're perfect for parties - it saves you time pouring drinks and eliminates spillages on the party table. I made the little labels to co-ordinate in with the rest of the stationery.

bird party bags, party bag tags, favour bag tags, bird gift tags

Sweet tweets: All little birds love a tweet (or treat) at the end of a party, I used our little lala bird party bag tags, and found these gorgeous little pink pegs on etsy here. Together with an assortment of lollies for the guests, each party bag also had a necklace gift 'for pretty birds' inside. The girls and I made these together, they're simple and cost effective to make - just take a length of ribbon and thread some wooden beads onto it, tying a knot in between each bead - I then just slipped them into a cellophane bag.

My little lala bird loved her bird party, we're already in discussions for the next one, and her little sister bells has put in a request for a new design for her party in July... stay tuned xx

March 3, 2010

Well here I am exhausted after miss 5's little lala bird party, lots of details to share, will be posting over the next few days. Here's the party hats I made. xx

party cone hats, party invitations wholesale

February 28, 2010

My little lala bird turns 5 soon - where did that time go - she started school this week, so grown up!

I've started the plans for her party, she's chosen the lala bird party invitations - she's been saying for months "I'm having a bird party" so sweet!

bird party invitations

Here's a sneek peak of the colour theme I'm working on - soft pinks, a hint of red, birds, polkadots and hearts.

Now is the perfect time to be looking for things that are red with valentines day just around the corner, you can find little heart elements to tie in the theme.

Savvy shoppers keep an eye out for the last of the christmas decorations on sale - I picked up these red bird decorations at 75% off.

I'm also keeping an eye on the easter eggs starting to appear in stores which will tie in nicely with the bird theme.

Stay tuned early March to see the final product.


February 1, 2010

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