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I finally got around to finishing my pinboard project last week, I've had a canvas and fabric sitting around for months!

pin board wedding inspiration

The board itself was easy to make, just a plain canvas (in my instance it was one I painted a while ago and did a terrible job of!) a piece of fabric stretched over the top and tacked at the back, some ribbons, pins and pegs.

The contents are what's inspiring me at the moment, and bits and pieces that I've received that I like.

The theme at the moment seems to be black and white, vintage and pretty birds!

Pin boards are a great idea for on the go projects, if you're getting married why not dedicate one to your wedding details, you can add or take things off as you go along, ditto for planning a kids birthday party. I like being able to see things at a glance, rather than sifting through piles of paperwork!


April 2, 2009
Category: inspiration boards and life

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