Alannah Rose Party - A Little Fairy {princess} Party

I don't know a single little girl that doesn't love fairies. My own daughters are no exception, so when I designed the new children's range, the Little Fairy Princess design was a mandatory inclusion.

When the invitations arrived back from the printer last year, the fairy invitation design was snapped up by my Eldest daughter and I was told she was having a fairy party for her 4th birthday. (she also had a fairy party for her 2nd... it seems fairies NEVER go out of vogue!

So earlier this year we celebrated her 4th Birthday with small party of 4 year olds at Fairyfields.The Little Fairy Princess invites, were the perfect starter to what was a truly magical day.

fairy party invitations fairy birthday invitations fairy invitations

For those not familiar with Fairyfields - it's a beautiful little fairy shop in Fairfield (Melbourne), but at the back of it is a hidden assortment of party rooms - all of which follow a fairy theme (and for the boys, there's a wizard room!).

fairy party theme, fairy party invitations, fairy lolly bag tags

Once everyone had arrived in the fairy shop, our party host - Fairy Steph appeared, a beautiful elphin like fairy who had the children mesmerised from the minute she appeared. Fairy Steph had lost her way to fairy land and needed help finding her way there. After much searching of the shop they found a wardrobe, which at first glance, was simply that, but after some fairy magic, it turned into a secret passageway to fairy land. So all the children followed her through a corridor lined with fairy dresses and lights to the fairy room.

It's hard to see from the photos, but Fairyfields is truly beautiful. Each of the party rooms is decorated with fairy seats, fairy lights, birds, leaves, branches, fairy dust, fairy stools and more. An enchanted room that made each of the children feel like they really were somewhere magical.

Fairy Steph kept them all entertained and happy and then led them into the Under Sea Garden room where party food (finger nails (chips) mud pies (party pies) and other fun things were served. From there it was through another secret passageway and down the magic slide into the secret fairy garden to hunt for treasures.

To finish the day off we handed out fairy loot bags, finished off with our new fairy princess favour tags.

Fairyfields is located at 80 Station Street, Fairfield. The pricing is very reasonable and includes party food, fairy host and an icecream cake. We'll be heading back there again, you can never have to many fairy parties!

butterfly cupcakes

sweet art cupcake

For those having a fairy party at home, look at these gorgeous cupcakes (above) from Sweet Art to tie in with your fairy theme.

fairy door

And for the perfect fairy present - why not have a fairy move into the house?

This fairy door from Monkeytail and Wellington, arrived in our house last month and we have had so much fun with it - we know when the fairy has been as she sprinkles fairy dust in front of the door, and sometimes she leaves little gifts or letters. I must note, some of the mums at kinder aren't too happy with me after my daughter told everyone at special news about it.....

Happy fairy party planning



August 19, 2009
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