Wrap me in {rainbows}

Today we're getting ready for a little 6th birthday celebration for my daughter. The theme she's chosen is rainbows, and whilst there's so many rainbow parties around and it's a popular choice, it's a choice that's dear to our hearts and especially special to her.

Last year when she started prep, we went through a lot of separation anxiety, two terms of it actually (in Australia that's half a year), there were tears every morning at drop off, and I mean EVERY, which was distressing for me, distressing for her, and difficult for her teacher - a Mr - who handled her absolutely amazingly and took her on his knee each morning as I pried my fingers out of her grip.

At some stage amongst all the tears I had a chat with my Aunty, a school teacher who had just been to a talk by Petria King - a well-known author, inspirational keynote speaker, teacher and facilitator. Petria's talk was about the rainbow ritual and accompanying story book You, Me and the Rainbow. A story and ritual developed by Petria to help children deal with challenging, sad or distressing news. My Aunty thought it might be worth a try with our separation anxiety, so I ordered the book and away we went.

Well, within a week of reading the book every night and doing the rainbow ritual, Alannah was going off to school, wrapped in a rainbow and not a tear in sight!

Since then, she's been obsessed with rainbows, we talk about them a lot, and every now and then when she's feeling a little unsure, I send her rainbow from my heart to hers, and it's enough to give her a little more confidence to head off to whatever it is she's doing.

I highly recommend the book, it's a beautiful story with a purpose, and it's certainly one that's become special in our home. So tomorrow, we'll be sending rainbows around, I hope you all catch one too.

Stay tuned for the pics - we've had so much fun with the theme rainbow, Alannah has even finger knitted some of the decorations, which is so incredibly sweet.

For more information on Petria King, the Rainbow Ritual and You, Me and the Rainbow, please click here.


March 4, 2011

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  • Polka Dot Bride  Mar 04, 2011 @ 1:42pm wrote:

    Friday tears- what a beautiful story and one book I want to order to stow away.

    Happy birthday Alannah!

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